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Elder Culture Explored in Unique Radio Program

A trio of healthy aging advocates has established a unique radio listening experience that is worth tuning in for. Growing an Elder Culture is featured on the non-profit radio network KOWS in Sonoma, CA.

On the second Thursday of every month from 2:00 until 4:00 p.m., the groups offers interviews with experts on topics relevant to aging baby boomers. Donald True, Alexandra Hart, and David Goff describe the purpose of the program as providing “a fresh look at how aging offers a kind of gratification that surprises a lot of people with genuine happiness.” The program offers upbeat discussions as well as serious topics.

The program can be streamed live by going to the KOWS website, and previous programs can be found on the group’s own Elder Culture website.

Upcoming broadcasts include:

June 12 – Guest Allan Chinen, M.D., a Jungian psychiatrist, discusses his book In the Ever After, a collection of elder fairytales collected from around the globe.

July 10 – Guest Edmund Sherman, Ph.D., the author of Contemplative Aging, discusses his research on ways that older adults can face the challenges of aging through contemplative practices.

Growing an Elder Culture contributors True, Hart, and Goff, are themselves 68, 74, and 66, respectively. They understand the concerns and questions that aging baby boomers have about growing older. Their radio broadcast format includes not only interviews but listener call-ins, current events updates, readings, and music. It deftly combines irreverence with sober examination of relevant aging topics.

David Goff describes the radio broadcast as an opportunity to explore a redefined way of looking at older adults. As he explains in a recent blog post, “It seems to us that the maturity of our kind lies in the hearts and heads of the aged and our hope arises in giving ripening a voice.”

What a refreshing way of describing the value of elder adults as a voice in society today. Consider tuning in soon to an afternoon of enjoyable listening!

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