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Revolutionizing Senior Health with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) may seem like fiction for many. With movies portraying robots doing almost anything and everything, it’s no doubt that these technologies have been explored further and further not only for basic tasks but also for health care. Now let’s see how AI can help with senior health care.

Despite the grand notion that AI has been tagged with ever since, its application to senior health care has been quite simpler in reality. For instance, some AI programs for seniors these days aid in changing habits linked to obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Although users get to talk to trained coaches, with AI, they too can access more individuals.

With AI, the things that coaches do are more accessible and made automatic. Through an online prevention program, beneficiaries can learn from hundreds of coaches without leaving their homes.

Another development with AI also involves Medicare. Medicare, in this regard, may also include AI in its coverage. With this, there is a possibility that the elderly would be able to receive care services integrated with AI if this materializes.

This and many more will be affected when AI gets more pushing. Home care services, too, may also benefit from this. Let’s see in the coming months and years how it progresses.


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