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Elderly Athletes and Endurance Sports: Key to Better Health

Sports and the elderly? Do they go together? Well, yes! Seniors, too, can get fit and healthy by engaging onto various kinds of sports, that to include endurance sports.

Think about a 66-year-old grandma who still swims like a 40-year-old does. Or a 75-year-old grandpa preparing for his upcoming triathlon match. This is not impossible, especially if done properly.

Despite other studies claiming that endurance sports would just lead to worsening cardiac conditions, such risk is just so small compared to its benefits — that to include looking younger and fitter, weighing just right for their age, being less prone to illnesses, and basically gaining a positive outlook in life.

With the various home care services and solutions for elders, they can likewise get more support as they undertake such endeavors.

— Image Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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