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Afternoon Naps May Beef up Elderly Mental Health, Study Says

A one-hour nap after lunch may help the elderly gain clear thinking as well as preserve their memories and decide well, a study has discovered.

Junxin Li, the lead researcher from the University of Pennsylvania, studied over 3,000 Chinese elderly (ages 65 and above) to determine the effects of an afternoon nap to their mental health.

According to results, those who took an hour of nap tend to have better health compared with those who do not. In fact, the researchers also found that those who do not take naps at all have mental decline by four to six times.

With this, it may be helpful for the elderly and their care providers as they suggest this simple yet powerful habit to their clients and family members. Home care services can likewise consider this part of their health education.

— Image Courtesy of Pixabay


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