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Adopting the Minimalist Lifestyle for Better Health

The “less is more” lifestyle popularly called minimalism proposes simplicity in everything one does. Despite its origins from the arts and music, this lifestyle has received quite a following – with people aiming to just keep a few belongings, downsize homes, and basically live a simple life.

Aside from allowing more space for the more important things, however, there’s more to minimalism than meets the eye. Whether or not you are going with the flow or really serious with it, you can take advantage of the physical and mental health benefits that this kind of lifestyle brings.

Minimalism helps prevent falls and other accidents. As we can see, these and other casualties are brought about by the hazards at home – from tangled cords, rugs, and a lot more. Based on the Journal of Injury of Violence, majority of falls at home involving those ages 65 and above happen at home. These are even made more complicated by the hazards found within the area. All kinds of clutter also bring sickness, mainly with the virus and bacteria resulting from the dust, mold, and other unwanted factors.

With this, it would also be worth noting that minimalism has something to offer in terms of health. By trying to identify which poses more value to one’s life, clutter can be avoided and in the long run also help promote better health to the elderly and others. For home care services and others concerned, this is a nice fact to keep in mind.


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