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Depression: Not Necessarily a Part of Aging

Depression need not be a part of aging. Though rampant these days, the elderly can still do away from signs and symptoms of depression through proper care and management.

The incidence of major depression ranges from 1 percent to 5 percent in health elder adults. Meanwhile, it’s 13 percent in those requiring home health care. With several factors contributing to depression, even not that obvious to many, our elderly loved ones may feel helpless – to the point of affecting care providers as they try to support the latter.

Depression in the elderly usually occurs due to illnesses, death of friends and family members, medications, isolation, retirement, and other relevant factors. However, those afflicted with it do not get the most appropriate treatment for it as a result of misdiagnosis.

Since depression’s occurrence has been thought of as a normal part of aging, family members and the elderly themselves do not ask for help. Thus, it is vital that those concerned consider this condition as a serious one, needing prompt and careful professional attention. Should there be instances of such, it is helpful to speak to a health care provider to receive quality treatment and assistance.

— Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

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