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Genetics and Healthy Aging: The Secret behind Longer Life?

Wondering why some people tend to be healthier than others? Why do some live up to a hundred or more while others don’t?

Experts studied the differences between the genes of those who have aged healthily versus their counterparts. According to them, what made Wellderly (those ages 80 or more without chronic illnesses and do not take medications for such illnesses) different from the others are their genes affecting cognitive function. The Wellderly tend to have less or none of the harmful ApoE gene, which has a greater connection with Alzheimer’s.

Aiming to help the elderly avoid such chronic illnesses? Aside from identifying if they have these healthy genes, it pays to approach home care service facilities too. Looking for one? Homecare California is here to provide care solutions you surely won’t resist.

— Image Courtesy of Free Stock Photos

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