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Elderly Depression Connected with Increased Dementia Risk

A new study found that older people who experience worsening depression symptoms have a greater tendency to acquire dementia.

Erasmus University researchers monitored 3,325 individuals for more than 21 years and learned that those with depression for three years or more were more likely to experience dementia five times more than their counterparts. The researchers have yet to identify the cause of this relationship. Some, however, believe that depression could just be the beginning of dementia.

According to Dr. Arfan Ikram, one of the researchers, symptoms of depression that gradually increase through time seem to predict dementia better later in life as compared to other symptoms such as remitting and high. The physician also stressed the need for more research to explore the relationship between dementia and depression to identify elderly who have increased risk.

Depression and dementia are inevitable sources of concern when aging. Thus, it is vital that care providers as well as the elderly take note of the ways to prevent these. Home care services can help alleviate such concerns. If you feel like you need one, know that Home Care California is here to assist.

— Image Courtesy of Wikipedia

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