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Senior Healthcare Technology: Embracing the Digital

Keeping up with the latest and upcoming assistive technology is a must these days for any senior care professional. We particularly enjoy Laurie Orlov’s regular coverage of the subject on her aging in place technology blog.

Recently, we checked out Orlov’s point of view on last month’s Connected Health Symposium in Boston. The conference’s subtitle was “The Internet of Healthy Things,” a fitting phrase for the gathering. The symposium, sponsored by Boston’s Partner’s Healthcare system, focused on improving “patient digital experience” in the healthcare realm.

Orlov highlighted five interesting new technology companies in her post. They included:

  • Affectiva, a company whose mission is to “digitize emotion, so it can enrich our technology for work, play and life.” By bringing an emotional component into the digital technology experience, the company hopes to improve the user experience.

  • Empatica Embrace, which recently designed the E4 bracelet, a device that undertakes real-time monitoring of physiological signals. About to be cleared for use as a medical device in Europe, the device next faces FDA approval in the U.S.

  • IGetBetter, specializing in the creation of standardized care plans for hospital to home transitions and high-risk medical procedures. The plans are completely customizable, and care guidelines are followed via mobile or online devices.

  • Quell Wearable Pain Relief, creator of a drug-free OptiTherapy technology that provides adjustable stimulation for pain relief. It automatically responds to changes in the patient’s condition; e.g., sleeping mode.

  • Zynx Health, a company that created the ZynxCarebook™, a mobile app designed to improve coordinated care. The app provides mobile linkage of all care providers and prompt status reviews.

Whether providing symptom relief or patient monitoring, we continue to believe that the future lies in the use of cutting edge technology to enhance the work of caring healthcare professionals.

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