Fall Prevention: Proper Exercise Greatly Reduces Risk

July 2, 2015


Each year, millions of Americans are injured in some type of fall. For those over the age of 65, one in three individuals falls each year, leading to around a quarter of a million hips fractures and approximately 25,000 deaths each year.


Research and experience have shown us that regular exercise can reduce fall risks, but improving strength, coordination, and – most of all – balance.


The simplest way to exercise for fall prevention is to maintain a regular walking regimen. This exercise improves lower-body strength and has the added bonus of providing aerobic activity.

Balance exercises can be as simple as bouncing on a small indoor trampoline (they even have balance bars to hold) or standing on one leg for an extended period. For the more adventuresome, stand-up paddling on a paddle board strengthens both core and foot muscles and improves the body’s interior balance feedback system.


However, some of the latest research, outlined in a recent New York Times article, indicates that a combination of exercises is best for improving balance an