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Alzheimer’s Association Offers Diverse Caregiver Resources

Has a family member recently been diagnosed with dementia? Or are you a geriatric healthcare professional looking to update your knowledge and skills? The Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California and Northern Nevada is a wonderful resource for both families and professionals. From online training to seminars and large conferences, the organization provides educational opportunities and other resources to individuals throughout our service area.

I would encourage you to head to their website to obtain details about upcoming training opportunities, but the titles below will give you a sense of the varied training that is offered:

  • Getting Connected: Alzheimer’s Association Programs and Services

  • Know the 10 Signs: Early Detection Matters

  • The Basics: Memory Loss, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Research Updates: Latest in Alzheimer’s Treatment and Research

  • Healthy Body, Healthy Brain

  • Maximize Your Memory: Tips and Strategies

  • Conversations about Dementia

  • Legal Planning for Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Financial Planning for Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Compassionate Communication: Connecting with a Person with Alzheimer’s

  • Compassionate Communication: Communication and Responding to Challenging Behaviors

Also offered are more in-depth workshops, such as the well-respected “Savvy Caregiver” training, a six-part workshop that provides detailed how-to’s for family caregivers. This popular training has been used by such groups as the Rosalynn Carter Institute and Emory University. Participants learn how to increase their skills and knowledge of caregiving, understand dementia, set workable caregiver goals, increase family involvement, and reduce the adverse impacts of their caregiving. The workshops particularly emphasizes caregiving strategies and stresses the importance of understanding the disease, having realistic goals, and learning how to work around the cognitive damage created by dementia.

Finally, in less than two weeks, the Alzheimer’s Association is hosting its 10th annual conference for families on the Alzheimer’s Disease Circle of Care. The November 8 conference will provide diagnostic and treatment updates, as well as workshops on such varied topics as Music and Dementia and Take Control of Your Driving Future. Interested individuals can register at the website or view the conference agenda.

In addition to its diverse educational offerings, the Alzheimer’s Association of Northern California and Northern Nevada provides information on community resources, offers caregiver support groups, and sponsors community events such as its recent Memory Walk. Both professional and family caregivers can benefit from some of the many services this vital organization offers in our area.

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