What Do Centenarians Have In Common? Secrets Exposed!

Life does has its mysteries. But one thing holds true: there’s no stopping death. If it’s time, it will be. Many are asking, “What’s the secret to long life?” Is there an elixir to reach a hundred years or more? Those who have attained such age, although, may hold some hints on the ways to prolong living. A study found in International Psychogeriatrics tells about the common psychological traits that centenarians or those who have lived for more than 100 years have. The researchers studied the physical and mental health of 29 villagers ages 90 to 101 from the Cilento region in Italy. The participants were interviewed and asked to answer standardized questionnaires regarding topics such as tr

Fighting Alzheimer’s with Green Veggies

Consuming plenty of green vegetables helps keep the brain 11 years younger, a study states. Eating a minimum of one portion of spinach, lettuce and kale a day turned out to have better mental capability compared with those who do not or rarely eat them. Based on memory tests and thinking skills, the research participants’ brains were found to be 11 years younger, researchers from the US discovered. According to experts, food with naturally-occurring vitamin K hasten mental decline. Thus, if home care services and other health care providers will be considering the elderly’s diet, it would help to note the importance of green leafy veggies as part of their meal plan.

How to Help Seniors Cope with Loneliness

More than one in three senior Americans call themselves lonely, adding up to their feelings of isolation especially during the holidays, geriatric professionals reiterate. Loneliness prevails as a serious issue among the elderly adults, preventing them in living independently and as vibrant as possible, Dr. Sonja Rosen, Cedars-Sinai Medical Group chief of geriatric medicine, said. However, that should not be the case, she pointed out. According to Rosen and her colleagues, loneliness is an issue that health care providers do not usually scrutinize when it comes to their senior patients. Likewise, the patients themselves do not raise them due to fears of getting embarrassed and pride. With th

Save Your Brain, Play Video Games

Of all the ways to keep your brain healthy, who would ever think that playing video games is one of them? Besides a common cause of concern for parents, this hobby, according to a study by psychologists from the University of Montreal, those who played 3D platforming games such as Super Mario 64 turned out to have more gray matter in their hippocampus upon playing. The hippocampus is very important as it is primarily in charge with various memory functions (long-term, short-term, and spatial). Gregory West, one of the researchers, claimed that games such as Super Mario 64 aid the hippocampus in creating a cognitive map of the virtual surroundings, also helping in reversing gray matter’s atro

Happy Holidays at Brookdale San Jose!

Jody, Stacey and myself had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Brookdale San Jose residences. Michelle Merritt, Executive Director and Dina Duckworth, Assisted Living Director do an amazing job during the holidays making both residents and their families feel welcomed. Their huge atrium was filled with holiday decorations and holiday music was playing softly in the background. Brookdale San Jose is one of the most beautiful campuses for seniors in the Bay Area - a place where anyone of us would feel comfortable having a loved one reside. We are very proud to work closely with their team on behalf of seniors. Thank you Michelle, Dina and all of your staff for all you do for your resid

Adopting the Minimalist Lifestyle for Better Health

The “less is more” lifestyle popularly called minimalism proposes simplicity in everything one does. Despite its origins from the arts and music, this lifestyle has received quite a following – with people aiming to just keep a few belongings, downsize homes, and basically live a simple life. Aside from allowing more space for the more important things, however, there’s more to minimalism than meets the eye. Whether or not you are going with the flow or really serious with it, you can take advantage of the physical and mental health benefits that this kind of lifestyle brings. Minimalism helps prevent falls and other accidents. As we can see, these and other casualties are brought about by t

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