Nuns Show Ways of Talking to Ill Seniors

Nuns caring for cognitively impaired elderly sisters in a Midwestern convent talked to their beneficiaries in striking ways, a linguistic anthropologist, Anna Corwin, pointed out. These nuns do not use “elderspeak” -- a simple, loud, slow, common and patronizing way of baby talk for the elderly. In contrast, they told stories, jokes and blessed the sick sisters as they talk as if those other nuns were not sick. Corwin, in a phone interview (as reported on CBC News), reiterated how she appreciated seeing those nuns as they accept decline and value the individual inherently. Corwin observed them and the infirm nuns from 2008 to 2013 (for a total of 10 months). As was published in The Gerontolo

Wellderlies: Role Models We Can All Learn From

Want to live long and healthy? There may be a secret to do so. Imitate the “wellderlies”. This group of people are ages 90 to 100 and have reached such age without any major disease or health issue. According to Ali Torkamani, geneticist from Scripps Research Institute in California, there’s no genetic variant link to having an extremely long life yet. Every wellderly has a different genetic recipe to attain such longevity. He and his co-researchers did not rule out lifestyle and diet as helpful though. Known to be different from each other, aging and longevity have also yet to be studied for now. Thus, it also implies that placing aging to a halt doesn’t mean extension of human life. Withou

Multi-Morbidity Triggered with Elderly’s Tobacco Use, Study Says

Elderly who are using tobacco are at risk for multi-morbidity, as brought about by non-communicable diseases (NCDs), a study in India points. According to the said study, hospitalizations within a year resulting from non-communicable diseases turned out higher in tobacco users as compared with non-users. The study’s data were gathered through the United Nations Population Fund. The conditions considered include high-blood pressure, arthritis, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, cataract, cancer, stroke, dementia, and paralysis. Multi-morbidity is the co-existence of a minimum of two of the 12 NCDs in an individual. This study is vital in understanding impl

Effects of Poor Shoe Choice on the Elderly’s Health Unveiled through Study

Increasing in age comes with various changes in one’s body. One of these is the change in foot morphology. Not changing one’s shoe size at this time may lead to several health situations such as loss of balance, anxiety, apathy, as well as falls, as stated in a study by the University of A Coruña. The same goes with increased length and width in the elderly’s feet, thus leading to a need for proper shoe choice. Other changes may also include pain tolerance, together with loss of fatty tissue and muscle mass in the feet. With these, it has been advised that the elderly use appropriate footwear. What should be worn then? Well, according to experts it’s better to wear wide-fit shoes, those with

Free Groceries for Birmingham Elderly and Disabled Residents

Elderly, disabled, and low-income residents of Birmingham, Alabama may soon be receiving some free groceries. This Tuesday, the Birmingham City Council passed an ordinance that developed the Healthy Food Incentive Program. Through the said program, those living at or below the poverty line will be receiving up to $150 per year of free healthy goods. The city will still be receiving bids and awarding a contract with an external firm. This ordinance will launch next fiscal year. Eligible residents will then be receiving a healthy food incentive card which they can use when purchasing certain foods from participating markets and stores. The proponents likewise indicate that for residents to be

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