Mindfulness, Stress Reduction & Senior Well Being

Studies on mindfulness are on the rise. However, when it comes to the elderly, how does this field fare? Majority of studies (27 of them) say that mindfulness benefits the elderly. However, some tell the other way around. Mindfulness has been practiced all over the globe to promote over-all well being by focusing on one’s thinking and actions. By a deep reflection on one’s thoughts and actions as well as on breathing, people practicing this often experience life-changing advantages. In the elderly, particularly, mindfulness was said to aid in reducing inflammation, as well as boost cognition and emotion. However, there is still a need to conduct more research -- those involving a larger cont

Elderly Americans Ignored in Best Picture Films, Study Says

A new study has found that characters aged 60 and above get to be misrepresented or underrepresented in Hollywood films (most especially in highly acclaimed movies). Results were uncovered through the partnership of the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and Humana Inc., a health and well being company. Growing evidence, in this regard, poses implications to stereotypes on elderly Americans -- that to include possible negative health effects. A theme found through the research was the perceived importance of feeling optimistic, recognized, or valued. The question now arises: if the elderly are not portrayed accurately onscreen, is their well

Avoiding Hospitalization: Tips for Seniors (Part 2)

(... continued from previous post) Here’s the continuation of our two-part post on avoiding hospitalization for seniors. 4. Promote safety at home Hospitalization in seniors may also be caused by falls and other injuries. With this, it is vital that the elderly’s home or surroundings be free from accidents or hazards. To do so, assistive equipment are of great help. These include rails, grab bars, support stools, rubber mats, and other fixtures to avoid accidents at home. Likewise, appropriate lighting at night and even during the day is also a must. 5. Consult your physician Nothing beats expert advice. Thus, as elders experience more and more health issues as they age, it is best to consul

Avoiding Hospitalization: Tips for Seniors (Part 1)

There are tons of ways to prevent hospitalization in seniors. If you’re a care provider (offering home care services and others) and would like to help your patients stay healthy, here are some tips: 1. Exercise Staying healthy entails keeping one’s body active. According to the National Institute on Aging, seniors should engage in regular physical activities to take advantage of increased energy, enhanced balance, and depression prevention. 2. Wash hands Just like other any other age group, elders can avoid getting sick by avoiding germs. One of the ways to do so is by washing one’s hands before and after eating, and every so often (especially after holding objects in public). Doing so woul

Pepper Robots for Enhanced Elderly Health

The rise in the elderly population these decades has paved the way for innovations catering to elderly health care. One of them, Pepper Robots, is on point. Imagine if you could let these robots take care of the elderly in shelters for seniors. These robots can assist them in taking tablets or even as companions. Through them, hospitals and other care facilities can have less burdens when taking care of their elderly patients. Researchers from Middlesex University and University of Bedfordshire will aid in creating such personal robots, which can be preprogrammed to fit the patients’ needs. The mentioned project is funded by the EU and the Japanese government. They are manufactured by Softba

Institute on Aging Offers Variety of Senior Resources

The greater Bay area has many excellent resources for seniors and their caregivers. One organization that is worth checking out is the San Francisco-based Institute on Aging. (It also has branch offices in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties.) If you’re not already familiar with the Institute on Aging, I would suggest you go the organization’s website and familiarize yourself with its mission and services. The not-for-profit organization serves thousands of older adults throughout the San Francisco, Marin and Peninsula areas. Services range from senior day programs to training and technical assistance. However, I wanted to highlight three special activities sponsored by the Institute, one of

Brain Games Connected with Delay in Cognitive Decline in Seniors

Elderly individuals who participate in mentally stimulating activities in their later years tend to have lower possibilities of incurring mild cognitive impairment compared to those who do not engage with such mind activities, a study poses. For those ages 70 and above without cognitive conditions, playing mind-stimulating games is linked with a 22 percent reduction of the risk in mild cognitive decline, one that occurs prior to age-related brain function declines and to full-blown dementia. Using the computer was found to contribute to 30 percent lower risk; working on crafts, on the other hand, led to 28 percent, and social activities were at 23 percent. Such mentally stimulating activitie

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