Risk for Dementia May Increase after Disasters, Recent Study Says

Seniors who have just gone through a natural disaster and were forced to evacuate their homes and were separated from their neighbors may have greater tendencies of incurring dementia, a recent study poses. Researchers from Harvard University in Boston reiterated on how cognitive decline also serves as a huge issue aside from mental health issues such as post traumatic stress disorder. For instance, in a survey involving older adults in Japan who went through the tsunami, it was found that from 4 percent prior to the calamity, after two years, the elderly who acquired dementia rose to 12 percent. The same goes with stroke, which almost doubled from 1.5 to 2.9 percent. Those who ended up stay

UTIs, a Huge Concern for Seniors

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) may be occasional sources of annoyance to many young women today. They often lead to frequent bathroom trips and pain, but after medication intake all these will be relieved. This is not the case with elderly experiencing UTIs. Aside from getting confined in hospitals, they may inevitably die most especially when the infection reaches the blood or kidney. According to John Bruza, a geriatrician from Penn Medicine, UTIs and pneumonia are the major infectious causes of hospital admission for older adults. UTIs, in this case, have become fearsome enough to let hospitals aim harder at preventing them. They have also turned to restricting the use of urinary cathete

Pets Help Boost Seniors’ Health, Study Cites

More than 40 percent of Americans ages 65 and above live with pets. The reason? For companionship and lots more. The elderly and even younger individuals today invest time and other resources on their furry friends to keep them “sane” even when they’re alone as much as to boost their health. Likewise, pets also help combat depression, high blood pressure, and stress. Despite pets’ crazy antics and stuff, none of these compare to the benefits they offer to their man companions. Owners still need to be patient and flexible when dealing with these fellas after all. But hey, who would not love such adorable creatures? Considering taking care of pets? Or are you availing of home care services? Ge

Music Therapy: A Viable Means of Strengthening Senior Health

Music does not only soothe the soul. Aside from keeping us entertained, music does have positive effects to health — more so to senior health. According to Katie Fitch from River City Music Therapy, music can be used in the elderly — helping those with depression and even one who survived a stroke by learning language skills once again. There are other benefits of music to the elderly. These include the following: encouraging movement, preventing boredom, soothing nervousness, turning negative thoughts to positive, stirring positive memories, as well as fostering social interactions. Fitch reiterated how music can be used to aid seniors in being part of other treatments. How do they conduct

Digital Health Innovations for Seniors: A Rising Need

Healthcare innovators have been witnessing the surge in the aging consumer these days. With the rise in the number of baby boomers, increased independence of seniors living at their homes, together with the needed tools to support caregivers, innovators must be sensitive to this market’s needs. They need to create suitable technologies, specifically for those 75 years old and above. It is a fact that fewer and fewer younger individuals are taking care of their parents.Tools to aid in the seniors’ quality of life must be considered. The same goes with technology-enabled caregivers as well as care support. All these have to be paid careful attention. Home care services providers can also take

Healthy Lifestyle May Lead to Longer Lifespan for the Elderly

A new study from the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Aging and Population Health found that seniors who exercise regularly, eat healthily, avoid smoking, and basically practice healthy lifestyle tend to be free from disability during their aging years. With this, those practicing healthy living also end up 80 percent of their lives without disabilities, as compared with those not into healthy lifestyles with at just 55 to 60 percent of their lives free from disabilities. Considering that this is also paramount to quality of life, the elderly who practice such healthy habits can be deemed as role models to other seniors today. With the widespread nursing care options, home care services

Doll Therapy for Dementia: Does It Work?

Dementia patients have been getting calmer with the help of dolls — all with the help of doll therapy. With home care services, nursing homes, and other facilities utilizing this revolutionary form of therapy for dementia patients, anxiety is said to be eased down. According to therapy supporters, dolls can help alleviate distress, enhance communication, as well as lessen the need for psychotropic medication. However, critics point out the dolls causing infantilization and demeaning them in the long run. Oftentimes, care providers allow residents/patients to hold, dress, or take care of the dolls. Caregivers may also use these dolls to start conversations with the patients regarding their ch

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