Elderly are Healthier, More Active, Study Says

Elderly individuals today are having a more active lifestyle, traveling, enjoying various hobbies, and so much more, a survey by Japan’s Internal Affairs and Communications Ministry states. With this, the premise stating that elderly people must be 65 years old and above may still need to be reviewed. As life span becomes longer now, more provisions for their care also entails careful analysis. In Japan, specifically, the usual healthy life expectancy for women is 74.21 while for men it’s 71.19. Thus, it may also be necessary to consider revisions in senior care management to fit the current senior health situation. What about home care services? It goes the same too. With regard to these ch

CDC: Falls, Leading Health Threat

Falls primarily lead to injury and death in the elderly, a study found in the September 23 issue U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report says. CDC researchers studied data from the 2014 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey. Elderly ages 65 and above from the District of Columbia and the 50 states answered a survey on falls. During that year alone, in 2014, 28.7% of respondents claimed to have fallen at least once during the previous year, which has resulted to around 29 million falls. Out of the falls incurred, 37.5% pointed out at least one that required medical attention or restriction of activities for at least a day. Medicare in

Exercise Based on Laughter May Boost Seniors’ Physical, Mental Health

Including laughter in an exercise program can strengthen seniors’ aerobic endurance, mental health, and confidence when they perform physical activities, a research has found. To determine the findings, the elderly took part in a moderately intense group exercise program referred to as ‘LaughActive’, a program including playful simulated laughter to the flexibility, strength, and balance workout. According to the findings, simulated laughter is one of the best ways to prevent cognitive or functional impairments. Those who participated in the exercise program showed considerable improvements with their aerobic endurance, mental health, and result expectations for exercise. Despite the finding

Driving and the Elderly: When to Give It Up

Driving has always been linked with independence. With seniors? Perhaps a bit too radical, some might point out. Imagine when you have been driving all your life and then one day you’ll just stop. Not a pleasant scene, right? So what age can you actually stop driving? Let’s take a look at some stats. According to the Institute for Highway Safety, those 80 years of age and above tend to have the highest fatal accident rates. This results from various physiological and psychological causes. As one ages, he often experiences stiffer joints and muscles, deterioration of eyesight, hearing impairments, slower reflexes, shorter attention span, among others. Again, when is the right time to stop dri

Electric Fans May Lead to Elderly Health Risks, Study Shows

A recent study from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center found that elderly who use electric fans when there is severe heat tend to have core temperatures and increased heart rates as compared with those who have no fans. According to one of the authors of the study, Craig G. Crandall, this is a result of the difference between the elderly’s body’s reaction and younger people. Not sweating as much as their younger counterparts, older individuals end up having faster heart rate elevation and core temperature. The proponents reiterate that fans with lower temperatures, on the other hand, are helpful. With this, it may be necessary to note that the research focused more on severe

New York to Allocate $75M in Boosting Senior Nutrition, Health

Albany, New York — The state of New York will be allotting $74.6 million for senior nutrition. Under the administration of Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the budget will be distributed to 59 local agencies devoted to aging. It will also be supporting programs that help alleviate chronic conditions related to diet such as obesity and diabetes. This will also aid in providing better access to nutritious foods. There will be cases when the funds can be spent for home-delivered meals and healthier meal choices from community meal sites. It may also be used for nutrition counseling as well as assistance in applications for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. These, together with home ca

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