Genes behind Loss of Hearing, Sight and Brittleness of Bones Identified

Several age-related medical conditions such as bones’ brittleness (osteoarthritis), as well as loss of sight (retinal degeneration) and hearing have been found through a research involving mice. Through the said study, experts can already identify risks to such conditions even before developing symptoms. The study identified the gene Slc4a10 to be related with age-related hearing loss. The said gene was also linked with eye function. Upon identifying which gene is related with the condition, the chances of enhancing treatment options and interventions’ timing are improved. And along with it, the elderly, those who are more at risk of incurring age-related conditions, can be taken cared of be

Geriatric Emergency Rooms Alleviate Medical Risks, Stress in Seniors

Going to hospitals to receive treatments, especially emergency cases, can be daunting for the elderly. They have to deal with healthcare providers rushing to and fro the hallways or the emergency room, patients screaming and crying, and basically commotion all around. This need not the case anymore with geriatric ERs. Some hospitals today, one of which is the Mount Sinai Hospital, has an ER dedicated specially for seniors. Smaller and more focused onto seniors’ medical cases, these ERs make health treatments more pleasant for the elderly. Instead of having to mix in with the other patients of all ages in a regular ER, seniors can avoid waiting too long for them to be attended to, while at th

National Senior Citizens Day 2016 Celebrated Today

The country celebrates National Senior Citizens Day. Every year, on this day, different activities and events are held in celebration of this momentous occasion. The day was meant to honor, support, and show appreciation to our beloved elderly as well as to uphold their achievements. How to commemorate this event? We can spend quality time with our beloved seniors. We can also let them know how important they are to us. We can volunteer at a senior home and make the elderly there feel appreciated and loved. These are just some simple ways but in the long run, these can go a long way. For seniors, on the other hand, they can enjoy countless discounts and special promos dedicated to them. Cele

Elderly Not Likely to Use Digital Tools for Health Management, JAMA Research Discovers

Senior citizens have so far been the ones spending the most for their healthcare, most especially since they frequently incur medical conditions due to aging. However, despite this, they are also the ones to least likely utilize digital health tools to assist in their healthcare. According to a recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), the elderly are not just into such tools. Supposedly, they can make use of these tools to research for health information (with only 16 percent doing so), fill out prescriptions (8 percent), handle insurance concerns (5 percent), and contact physicians (7 percent). The findings may have been as such due to the tools not being as u

Volunteering during Middle to Senior Years Leads to Better Mental Health, Study Says

A recent study from the BMJ Open found that volunteering in the middle to senior years is connected to good emotional/mental wellness. Not found to be linked to those aged 40 and below, it has been deduced that the connection between volunteering and wellness in this aspect is stronger during later years in life. According to the study, women are also more prone to volunteer as compared to men. Likewise, those who did not volunteer that much turned out to have lower levels of emotional wellness. In a way, volunteering seemed to offer avenues for social contacts and a stronger sense of purpose. This in return led to better health. For those who receive home care services or are in nursing hom

Optimistic View on Aging, Less Stress

How does one’s view on aging affect stress levels? This has been answered by a small study with findings saying that positive views on aging aid as the elderly copes with stress. The study’s proponent, Dr. Jennifer Bellingtier, a Ph.D. student from North Carolina State University, found who have a positive attitude towards aging turned out to be stronger when responding to stress. This, in turn, results to no increase in negative emotions. On the other hand, those who tend to be pessimistic towards aging also turned to be less capable of handling stress. The study’s senior author Shevaun Neupert reiterated the impact of one’s perspective about aging. According to him, this really has a great

Seniors Not Much into Web Research for Medical Concerns

A new research from the Journal of the American Medical Association has established new findings: that seniors are less likely to consult Dr. Google when getting health information. According to the study, only 18% researched via the Web for such data in 2014. That could be compared with the 60% of adults doing so as well as the 35% who even turn online to diagnose their own conditions based on the signs and symptoms they experience. Looking at such figures, it seems that these seniors have other priorities besides looking up the Internet for their medical conditions. The study also reiterated how healthier seniors get to have the tendency to research about their health as compared to those

Communication: Secret to Successful Patient-Physician Relationship

Health care can become quite complex these days. However, this need not be a huge issue with the help of excellent communication between patients and physicians. Most especially with seniors, good communication can definitely play a great part to ensure quality health care delivery. Seniors often have more complex cases – from an array of medical conditions, more medications, specialists and a whole lot more options. Thus, patients also have to be as open and honest with their care providers. Should they have clarifications on procedures, treatments, and other inquiries, it’ll be helpful to ask right away. If an instruction was not that clear, asking would be very vital. One cannot be shy wh

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