Robots to Assist in Senior Health Care

With the aging population increasing in the country, the need for more health care staff also increases. How to solve this issue? Try robotics. Japan has been one of the countries to embrace this technological trend to cater to the seniors’ health needs. Palro, the communication robot, in fact, has already been introduced in several elderly homes in Japan. The said robot has the ability to have simple conversations and to entertain its audience. Thus, the elderly can have someone to keep them company when their nurses are busy with their work. These robots can also help assess and observe residents and patients. Another robotic breakthrough would have to be the “healing pet robot” in the for

Levels of Vitamin D and Cognitive Function in Chinese Elderly Link Uncovered

It has been fairly common that vitamin D is essential in keeping one’s bones and muscles healthy. But with continuous research, it has also been found to contribute to brain health. A study by experts from the Duke University and Duke-NUS Medical School discovered that low levels of vitamin D are connected with cognitive decline and impairment in Chinese elderly. Not considering extent of advanced age and gender, those with lower levels of vitamin D exhibited twice the tendency of incurring cognitive decline. Such also contributed to higher risks of vitamin D impairment by two to three times. The study also applies to the elderly not just in China but also to other Asians all over the world,

Virtual Reality for the Elderly

Technology really does wonders to people of all ages. All ages, yes. Even the elderly! With virtual reality, everything’s possible, most especially for centenarians and other baby boomers eager to experience pleasant sensations far beyond imagination. Through such technology, entrepreneurs such as Dr. Sonya Kim were able to deliver favorable experiences to their elderly clientele, that to include going on vacation in the waves of Hawaiian shores or what not. The Aloha VR Program has allowed seniors to bask in the sun without leaving the comforts of their home. It brings them relaxation, peace of mind, alleviating their anxieties, chronic pains, and loneliness. Though virtual reality gadgets

Seniors’ Foot Health: A Must-Check for Holistic Wellness

Unknowingly, our feet can be a great source of concern, most especially when we age. Thus, for seniors and the younger ones alike, foot health needs to be addressed well to avoid untoward repercussions. According to a study, 87 percent of the elderly cited a minimum of one foot problem. This is because we utilize our feet for every movement we make, for every place we go to, and basically for anything that entails going from one place to another. Every person utilizes four hours per day on their feet on the average and takes around 10,000 steps at that. Talk about wear and tear! Feet widen and flatten as one ages. When there’s foot pain, balance and mobility get affected as well. This then r

Young Doctors Specializing in Elderly Care Getting Scarce

The US’ elderly population continues to grow at a rapid rate. The top three states with the highest population in terms of the elderly, Maine, Florida and West Virginia, however, experience dilemmas in line with this as with the population growth comes a decline in geriatricians or physicians specializing in elderly care. In Goldberg, West Virginia specifically, there are only 36 geriatricians versus the tidal wave of elderly in the state. This deficiency in geriatricians is foreseen to get worse. According to a forecast, by 2030, 1 in 5 Americans will be eligible for Medicare. With the present workforce, however, there seems to be unpreparedness for what is known as the “silver tsunami”, th

Depression: Not Necessarily a Part of Aging

Depression need not be a part of aging. Though rampant these days, the elderly can still do away from signs and symptoms of depression through proper care and management. The incidence of major depression ranges from 1 percent to 5 percent in health elder adults. Meanwhile, it’s 13 percent in those requiring home health care. With several factors contributing to depression, even not that obvious to many, our elderly loved ones may feel helpless – to the point of affecting care providers as they try to support the latter. Depression in the elderly usually occurs due to illnesses, death of friends and family members, medications, isolation, retirement, and other relevant factors. However, thos

Cholesterol Not Associated with Elderly Deaths

A professor from the University of South Florida and a group of experts have discovered that elderly people with high low-density lipoprotein (LDL) live longer than their counterparts, those with low levels of such cholesterol. Although several previous studies have already linked high bad cholesterol to cardiovascular illnesses, in the mentioned research, they have found that there may be an inverse relationship between cardiovascular deaths and LDL-C or even no association at all. They also point out how high cholesterol may even protect against other elderly medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Other researches have also shown high LDL-C as a form of protection against

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s Early on with Machine Learning

Diagnosing Alzheimer’s early on has been a challenge that physicians and other experts continue to battle out. However, with technological advancements today, the dilemma may be detectable at all – even in its initial stage. Researchers from VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam, with Dr. Alle Meije Wink at the forefront, utilized machine-learning devices to identify early forms of the disease through a special MRI scan. The scan will then be showing the amount of blood going to the various areas of the brain. The scientists studied data and were able to classify 60 with mild cognitive impairment, 100 most likely to have Alzheimer’s, 100 with subjective cognitive decline, and 26 healthy.

Senior Health and Housing in Crisis: Serious Solutions Demanded

Seniors today are facing serious health and housing issues and there’s a need for equally serious solutions as well. With the continuous growing population of Baby Boomers (from 14 percent to 20 percent by 2030), threats also abound. The number of seniors (65 and above) in the San Diego County has also grown by 26.4 percent from 2000 to 2013. However, the county also has one of the least affordable housing markets in the country. The California Association of Realtors, in fact, stated how only 28 percent of households could afford buying a median-priced home. Comparing that to the state average of 34 percent and the U.S. average of 60 percent, the county indeed fares high in terms of expensi

Elderly Men Letting Health Deteriorate after Losing Spouse, Studies Say

Elderly men are said to be more prone to health conditions after their wives pass away, according to various studies. Andrea See, Central Ohio Area Agency on Aging’s clinical manager at the Senior Options program, reiterated how husbands incur health problems and other conditions weeks and months after their wives’ death. Meanwhile, a research from the JAMA Internal Medicine journal in 2014 found that those whose spouses died already are prone to having stroke or heart attack in the coming 30 days. Likewise, another study, this time from the Rochester Institute of Technology, in 2012, pointed out that grieving husbands had 30 percent more chances of dying after being widowed. This is in cont

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