Elderly Depression Connected with Increased Dementia Risk

A new study found that older people who experience worsening depression symptoms have a greater tendency to acquire dementia. Erasmus University researchers monitored 3,325 individuals for more than 21 years and learned that those with depression for three years or more were more likely to experience dementia five times more than their counterparts. The researchers have yet to identify the cause of this relationship. Some, however, believe that depression could just be the beginning of dementia. According to Dr. Arfan Ikram, one of the researchers, symptoms of depression that gradually increase through time seem to predict dementia better later in life as compared to other symptoms such as r

Elderly Married Women, of Greater Tendency to become Frail than Widows

Many perceive being married as more advantageous. In fact, lots of studies have shown that married individuals gain several benefits – that to include lesser chances of functional impairment. However, according to the latest study of the Journal of Women’s Health, it is the unmarried female elderly with a reduced risk of being frail. Frailty is a usual state linked with advanced age, and is the gradual loss of cognitive and physiologic capability, increasing the risk of functional deficiencies and health impairments. According to the research, one is categorized as frail when he or she loses weight unintentionally, walks more slowly than the usual, becomes weak, has lower energy levels, and

How to Prevent Alzheimer’s: Brain Boosting Activities for Seniors

Getting old does not necessarily equate to mental deterioration. With appropriate activities for seniors, you can prevent Alzheimer’s and other mental conditions. According to a study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease in March, regular dancing, walking, swimming, cycling, as well as gardening may greatly prevent Alzheimer’s. Through exercise, experts state, mental ability turns out better (especially of seniors). Research shows that physically active individuals have more gray matter on their brains, indicating higher-level thinking and better memory recall. How frequent or intense should activities be, you ask? Well, so far, this is still unknown. However, as mentioned, studie

The Secret to Longevity? Scientists Reveal the Real Deal

Thinking of living up to more than a hundred years? Curious on why some outlive others while some don’t? In a recent study, scientists investigated on why residents from Acciaroli, a small town in southern Italy live on as centenarians. According to Alan Maisel, a cardiologist from the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine, it is not about having no vices or exercising regularly. So, what could just be the key to living longer? As the researchers observed and studied the residents, they found that two of the possible causes of longevity are great genes and good diet – one with a nice amount of olive oil, rosemary, and fish. Filled with Vitamin B, iron, calcium, antioxidants,

Safe Seniors: Avoiding Crime at Home

It’s not a surprise that senior homeowners can be a target of criminals. From financial scams and fraud to home burglaries, older adults are at risk for a variety of reasons. Often they are more socially isolated than other residents. Declines in physical or cognitive function can make them more vulnerable. Less technologically savvy seniors may avoid the use of home security systems, specialized lighting, and other technology measures. Of all crimes against seniors, property crime is the second most common. This category includes petty theft, burglary, auto theft, and larceny. But property crimes against older adults can be reduced by following some basic home safety tips. STRUCTURE and SYS

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